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Private Transfers

Private Transfers at Ohio Armament ($35 fee per firearm)

The number one reason people don’t sell their firearm privately is because the seller doesn’t know if the buyer can own a firearm. We can help answer that question for you. Ohio Armament can conduct a private transfer on your behalf and run the buyer’s NICS background check. This will give you peace of mind knowing the purchaser can legally own a firearm.
What you need:
  1. Both parties (seller & buyer) need to be present in the store.
  2. The firearm that is being sold (Firearm must be in a case OR the chamber locked open).
  3. Driver’s License of both seller & buyer.
  4. Concealed Carry License from seller & buyer (Only if you have a license, this is not necessary to complete the private transfer.)
  5. $35.00 to complete the transaction. This is the fee for conducting background check and is paid prior to paperwork completion. The fee is non-refundable and is for our time to do the transfer--whether or not the buyer passes the check.
  6. OPTIONAL: A bill of sale to use for your personal documentation. Make sure to note their name and driver’s license number of the seller.  
What is the process:
  1. Seller or Buyer (whatever the parties agree on) pays the transfer fee. (CC or Cash)
  2. The buyer will fill out a 4473 (standard background check).
  3. Ohio Armament will check and run the 4473 in the NICS Background Check System.
  4. Once the background check comes back, we can move forward with the transaction.  
3 Results of Background Check
  1. Proceed: Buyer can legally can own a firearm.
  2. Delayed: More research has to occur. This is neither good or bad. A Brady Transfer Date will be attached to this search. The Brady Transfer Date is a date set by the ATF. If we don’t hear anything back by the end of the  Brady Transfer Date, you (the seller) choose if you want to still transfer the firearm. (We recommend you only follow through with the transfer if buyer has a CCW license.) You can also receive a response well within your Brady Transfer Date.
  3. Denied: The buyer has done something in the past that prevents them from owning a firearm. DO NOT SELL TO THIS BUYER. They legally cannot own a firearm.
*There is no firearm registry in Ohio. You won’t need to “transfer the firearm into their name.”  That system does not exist in the free state of Ohio.*
*You do not need a special license to buy or sell a firearm privately*
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