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Gun Transfer

Have you bought a gun  from another store and need it transferred to you ?
-The process is super easy here at Ohio Armament and the transfer fees are:
1 non-NFA gun at a time - $35
2 non-NFA guns at a time - $65
3 non-NFA guns at a time - $95

-Please note, transfer fee is paid after the gun arrives and before you do your 4473.
-When doing your paperwork, all the same rules of How to Buy a Gun At OA apply.

NFA: $75 for first transfer
$50 for second/return NFA customers
$10 to mail prints
$25 for each responsible person when using a trust
Pictures: Free for Eform without Trust, $5 for each responsible person with Trust
(Person Responsible Form - NFA / Required for Trusts)

Transfer Process
1) Purchase your gun (online, gunbroker, etc)
2) Fill out the below form with the dealer's info (email, order number).
3) Let them know that your dealer is as follows:
Ohio Armament
1315 N Wooster Ave
Strasburg, OH 44680
5) Wait until we contact you that your item is in stock.

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