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Indoor Range

Range Hours:
HOURS: (if planning to shoot, arrive at least 30 minutes before closing)
Monday      10am - 6pm
Tuesday     10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday    10am - 6pm
Friday        10am - 6pm
Saturday    10am - 6pm
Closed on Sunday

Range Reservations:
  • We do not accept reservations. Lanes are first come first serve.
  • Private Parties and Police Deptartments may contact us for private, off-hour events.

Range Details:
  • Rifle (.223/.556/300Blk) and Pistol calibers only
  • Max of 2 people per lane
  • A responsible adult must stay with a minor at all times
  • We recommend women who are pregnant do not shoot due to sound decible

Range Requirements:
  • A signed liability form
  • Eye/Ear protection required at all times

Gun Rental:
  • A signed gun rental form required for each person renting
  • Ammo must be purchased from the store
  • Must be 21
  • Only a parent/legal guardian of a minor (someone under 21) may rent a gun for use with a minor in the range

Range Fees:
  • See Table
  • Eye Protection (Bring your Own, or Buy a Pair for $2.50+tax
  • Ear Protection (Bring your Own, or Rent a Pair for $1.00+tax
  • Targets (Bring your Own, or Buy one of the many we have in the shop starting at $1.50+tax)
Rental Guns Available
           G19 Gen 3 w/ Compensator (9mm)
           G19 Gen 4 w/ Venom Red Dot (9mm)
           G17 Gen 3 w/ Compensator (9mm)
           G34 Gen 3 w/ Apex Trigger (9mm)
           G43 (9mm)
           G42 (.380ACP)
Smith & Wesson
          M&P 22 Compact (22LR)
           M&P Shield 1.0 w/ Apex Trigger (9mm)
           M&P Shield 45 (45ACP)
           M&P Shield w/ Crimson Trace Laser (9mm)
           M&P Shield 2.0 (9mm)
           M&P Fullsize 2.0 (9mm)
           M&P Compact 2.0 (9mm)
           M&P 380 EZ Shield (.380ACP)
           Bodyguard 380 (.380ACP)
           M442 (38 SPL)
           Victory (22LR)
          XD-S (9mm)
           XD-E (9mm)
           Range Officer Elite Compact (9mm)
           Range Officer Elite (45ACP)
Sig Sauer
           P229 Legion (9mm)
           P226 Legion (9mm)
           P226 Legion (Single Action ONLY) (9mm)
Heckler & Koch
           VP9 (9mm)
           Five-SeveN (5.7x28)
           Mark III (22LR)

Accepted Calibers for Range
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